Data Security and Privacy


SSL, which is used in Smartydata servers, provides secure and secure transfer of data between our users and the system. The encryption used is the same as the encryption standards used in banks.

User Access

No one will be granted access to your company account unless anyone is invited by you as a user. Only in the event of a technical or system failure, authorized Smartydata personnel will access your data for support purposes upon permission from your account.

User Passwords

Our users are expected to create a strong password for login. The users are responsible for the passwords they create. In the event of multiple incorrect entries, we redirect the user account to password renewal and automatically close sessions that remain open for more than 1 day.

Data Sharing

No, we do not share your data with any organization, organization or person.

Data Backup

In case of technical problems, your data is backed up daily and each backup is stored for 2 weeks.

Your data is more secure in Smartydata

With Smartydata, your data is not stored on your computer. Thus, even if your computer becomes corrupted, stolen or lost, your data remains completely secure.

When you need to share your data with anyone inside or outside the company, you can have more secure access to your data by assigning the person you want to share your data to, rather than sending it by email or USB.

For the security of your data:

  • Set a password that no one can guess
  • Don't share your password with anyone
  • Do not write your password on any paper and leave it somewhere
  • Update your browser
  • Just be sure to log in at